John Wesley University Academic Programs

John Wesley University is a Christian Biblical University where all undergraduates receive a double major: one in their chosen discipline and the other in Bible. We believe that no matter your major or vocation upon graduation, well-founded biblical knowledge is essential to successful living in today’s age.. Our  John Wesley Academic programs include Christian Ministry (with 6 concentrations that fit your talents and goals), Management & Business Ethics,Theological Studies, Business Administration and Christian Leadership.

John Wesley University is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education, which gives students access to federal financial aid and great accountability for their education. We boast a faculty passionate about their faith and their students’ success in the classroom and life. That means our students can have the confidence that they’re ready for graduate school, postgraduate work, or to launch right into careers as teachers, business professionals, ministers and missionaries.

Spiritual growth and class size at John Wesley

The average class at our university is 10 students, empowering our professors to work closely with each individual. One is never “just a number” while at here. At John Wesley University, students have the opportunity to grow as Christians in an environment that stresses community through diversity, spiritual maturation, professional competency, and commitment to each other and to God.

Ministry Degrees
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Counseling On-Campus Online
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Education On-Campus Online
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Family & Youth Ministry On-Campus Online
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Pastoral Ministry On-Campus Online
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Intercultural Studies On-Campus Online
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry-Worship Arts On-Campus Online
Master of  Theological Studies On-Campus Online
Doctor of Ministry in Christian Leadership Co-hort model
Associate of Arts in Religious Studies On-Campus Online
Management Degrees
Bachelor of Arts in Management & Business Ethics On-Campus Online
Master of Arts in Business Administration Online
Nursing Degrees
 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Partnership On-Campus