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Christian Counseling Concentration – Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Do you see yourself using biblical principles to minister hope, healing and encouragement?  The Christian Counseling Concentration equips graduates to serve the local church, faith-based ministries, and other human service provider agencies while also preparing students for graduate school by offering foundational courses in Christian Counseling and psychology.  The primary purpose of the Christian Counseling concentration is to prepare graduates to minister hope, healing, and encouragement in Jesus’ name in one-to-one, small-group, and marriage and family settings.

Courses may be taken in a traditional on-campus setting or online.

While every degree program does allow for “some” customization to meet your own specific educational goals, there are several fixed components that are a part of every degree.  Each degree program includes the following: general education core, a Biblical studies component, essential core courses for the second major and required courses for the chosen concentration.


“If you feel that the Lord has called you into some form of ministry, John Wesley University is the place to obtain your Christian education. I obtained my degree in Christian Counseling from this prestigious university, and God has entrusted me to start my own ministry: A Journey Into Wholeness – Cathedral World Wide Ministries, which stems from my book, “A Journey Into Wholeness” and my non-profit organization: A Journey Into Wholeness 2 Inc.”  Charlene Keitt


Career Opportunities

Counseling is a specialized field and often requires a Master’s degree to move beyond entry level jobs.  Careers possible on a Bachelors’ level are:

Camp Counselor, Church Counselor, DSS, Private counseling (non-licensure), Drug/rehabilitation centers (non-licensure)

Christian Counseling Concentration Core Courses

PS151 Principles of Christian Counseling

PS243 Counseling Theory

PS300 Cross-Cultural Counseling

PS324 Psychology of Abnormal Personality

PS432 Counseling Methods

PS489 Christian Counseling Internship 1

PS499  Christian Counseling Internship 2

Required prerequisites

PS201 Introduction to Psychology

Psychology elective

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