Christian School Education Concentration – Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

The Christian School Education Concentration equips students for teaching K-12 with a biblically-minded approach.  The Christian School Education Concentration focuses on both elementary and secondary education with requirements for student-teaching at both levels. Upon completion, graduates will have the proper educational prerequisites to apply for ACSI Standard Teaching Certificate for all levels.

Courses for this program are available on-campus and online.

While every degree program does allow for “some” customization to meet your own specific educational goals, there are several fixed components that are a part of every degree.  Each degree program includes the following: general education core, a Biblical studies component, essential core courses for the second major and required course for the chosen concentration.


“John Wesley and the special people that belong to John Wesley blessed my life and lovingly and patiently guided me through every class and every semester. The experiences that I had there have helped me, and the professors’ words still “ring” in my ears so many years later. Nothing beats a Christian education!” Rachel Snipes Callicutt, First Grade Teacher, Fayetteville Christian School

Career Opportunities

Teaching in private Christian school, preparation for Master’s in Education with state certification, specialists for home school association

Christian School Education Concentration Core Courses

ED215 Philosophy of Christian Education

ED216 Methods & Materials in Elementary Education

ED224 Teaching Bible in Elementary Education

ED303 Educational Psychology

ED304 Classroom Management

ED305 Exceptional Children/Teaching Children with Disabilities

ED306 Technology in the Classroom

ED401 Teaching Math in Elementary Education

ED402 Teaching Reading and Writing in Elementary Education

ED403 Secondary Teaching Methods

ED480 Student Teaching

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- Dean, John Wesley School of Divinity