Family and Youth Ministries Concentration – Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

The Family and Youth Ministries Concentration prepares students to lead a ministry for students and their parents in church and para-church settings. This program focuses on developing a strong biblical philosophy of ministry by understanding the needs, culture, and developmental issues of adolescents. Students in this program also learn to recruit and equip a team of volunteer leaders and build a family-based ministry that equips parents to disciple their teenagers.

Courses for this program are available on-campus and online.

While every degree program does allow for “some” customization to meet your own specific educational goals, there are several fixed components that are a part of every degree.  Each degree program includes the following: general education core, a Biblical studies component, essential core courses for the second major and required course for the chosen concentration.


“John Wesley College was such a positive step in my life. Under God’s guidance and care, I committed to obtaining my degree while a full time employee, husband and father of 2. John Wesley college was just as committed as I was and went above and beyond to make sure I was able to finish. It was obvious that each member of John Wesley College, from the office staff, to library staff and each professor, were followers of Christ and committed to following His call to possess a servant’s heart.”  Kevin Cochran – Asst. Pastor of Children & Youth, 1st Presbyterian Church

Career Opportunities

Camp Director/Assistant, Church CE Director, Church Youth/ Children’s Director, After School Programs, DSS

Family and Youth Ministry Core Course Requirments

ED215 Philosophy of Christian School Education

PS212 Human Growth and Development

CM312 Teaching Methods for Ministry

CM358 Retreat and Camp Ministry

CM424 Discipleship Development of the Family

MI399/499 Internship


Contact Dr. John Lindsey

- Dean, John Wesley School of Divinity