Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies degree prepares students to effectively articulate and apply the Christian faith to the modern context.  Students pursuing this degree commonly are not aiming at ordained ministry, but rather wish to integrate theology with other careers.  Students deepen their theological knowledge by studying scripture, theology, history, and philosophical challenges to defending the faith.

Courses may be taken on-campus or online.

Like the classic degrees in humanities, the Master of Theological Studies is designed to help the students become more aware of the application of faith within a secular culture.  Graduates will be more aware of the various agendas within their chosen profession and will know how to be an exemplary employee who can make Christ relevant in their work environment.

Master of Theological Studies Core Courses

BI509 Interpretation of the OT

PH511 Making of the Modern Mind

SS531 Survey of Church History

PH660 Christian Worldview

TH611 Systematic Theology

Contact Dr. John Lindsey

- Dean, John Wesley School of Divinity