Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Partnership with Liberty University

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is part of a partnership with Liberty University, essentially, a student will complete a minimum of 60 hours of rigorous and prescriptive study at John Wesley. The successful John Wesley graduate will attain at least a 3.25 GPA, gain excellent faculty references, and compose a strong essay on what it means to impact the Kingdom of God through nursing. Upon this accomplishment, the student will gain entry admission to the “Accelerated BSN” program at Liberty. From there, the program has two options. The first includes two intensive summers in study, graduating early in December; the second includes one summer in intensive study resulting in traditional graduation in May.

“With a shortage of nurses, the extremely difficult process of getting accepted to a local BSN program, and our biblically-based curriculum aligning with Liberty’s, this wonderful opportunity is definitely a “God thing,” says John Wesley President Steve Condon. “This will be a very intense four years of study and clinical experience, culminating in a superior education and training for the next generation of Christian nurses. We are honored by Liberty’s accepting our graduates and now look forward to this ministry in health services.”

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 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Partnership On-Campus