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Our commitment is to maintain the quality of education while making it as affordable as possible for you. Tuition rates are as low as $250 per credit hour, depending on the course of study you pursue.


Tuition & Fees
On Campus Traditional Programs Tuition $420 / credit hour
Online Programs Tuition $330 / credit hour
Academic Fee $365 / semester
Biology / Science Lab $50
Credit Demonstrated by Competency $85 / credit hour
Drama Class $50
Music Lesson Fee (15 sessions) $300 / semester
Single Student Apartment Rate $1800 / semester
Single Student Housing Rate $2400 / semester



Tuition & Fees
Master’s of Theological Studies Tuition $420 / credit hour
Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Tuition

Doctor of Ministry Tuition

$250 / credit hour

$430 / credit hour

Graduate Programs Academic Fee $365 / semester
MBA Materials Fee (Certain MBA Courses) $500 / course


                                                         MISCELLANEOUS FEES

Miscellaneous Fees are Non-refundable

Audit /CEU Course $110 / course
Intent to Register Fee $100
Change of Program Fee $55
Campus Housing Reservation Deposit $100 / semester
Campus Housing Reservation Late Fee $50
 Mattress Cover Fee  $16.00/ year
Matriculation Fee (International Students Only) $200
Late Registration $50
Books & Supplies Varies by Program and Major
Drop/Add Fee (no charge for first drop/add) $25 / form
Return Check $36
Payment Plan Fee (If not using Financial Aid) $100 (fall) /$50.00 (spring)
Late Payment Plan Fee $25 / each late payment
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $200
Graduation Fee (Graduate) $400
Non-Participant Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $100
Non-Participant Graduation Fee (Graduate) $300
A student fee is for materials, services, or privileges that will assist a student.


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Estimating the Cost of College!

John Wesley University is eligible to participate in most Title IV federal aid programs intended to supplement your and your family’s financial resources.

  • Start the process of paying for your education by completing the FAFSA online.
  • If you demonstrate financial need, scholastic ability and Christian leadership, you may also qualify for our scholarships. For students living in North Carolina, the College Foundation of North Carolina website has a large amount of useful information including available scholarships and grants.

For more information about financial aid, check see the Financial Aid F.A.Q. page.