Connie Bennett, the current COO of Biscuitville, delightfully relayed her experiences as a student and alumna of Laurel University in a recent interview. After spending time at other institutions, Connie found Laurel where she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Ethics. Laurel’s degree was precisely what she needed to launch herself into a triumphant corporate executive career.

Seeking a more interactive experience than the online courses she previously took, Connie found Laurel as a fully engaging, dynamic degree program matchless to any other. The faith-based learning environment, in conjunction with the friendly and supportive faculty at Laurel, made for some of Connie’s most satisfying and enriching experiences.

Motivated by a desire to make an impact in the lives of others, Connie provides hope and inspiration to everyone around her. With her tireless work ethic, resolute determination, and one of a kind education from Laurel University, Connie was equipped to climb the corporate ladder into her current position at Biscuitville. A leading exemplar for all, Connie Bennett proves that Laurel University graduates have what it takes to achieve great levels of success; through her words and actions, she encourages us all to “be the change that [we] want to see in the world.”

Under Connie’s supervision, Biscuitville is a mid-sized corporation of 1,100 employees with $24 million in annual revenue. Biscuitville currently has 54 locations across North Carolina and Virginia.