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Bass, Amber
Assistant Softball Coach

Email: abass@johnwesley.edu

Bodie, Darryl (Dr.)

Adjunct Faculty

Email: dbodie@johnwesley.edu

Caldwell, Jason (Dr.)
Director, School of Managment
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 336-821-2483,
Email: jcaldwell@johnwesley.edu

Cheek, Latoya
Adjunct Faculty

Email: lcheek@johnwesley.edu

Coats, Christi Anna (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: cacoats@johnwesley.edu

Condon, Steve (Dr.)
Professor of Education
Athletic Director
Phone: 336-821-2470,
Email: scondon@johnwesley.edu

Courts, Bari (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: bcourts@johnwesley.edu

Cutchin, Tonia
Adjunct Faculty


Cutrell, Kathy (Mrs.)
Executive Administrative Assistant
Director of Human Resources
Development Assistant
University Cashier
Phone: 336-821-2470,
Email: kcutrell@johnwesley.edu
Email: hr@johnwesley.edu

Cutrell, Marc (Rev.)
Dean of Students
Adjunct Faculty

Email: mcutrell@johnwesley.edu

Dowdell, Mary
Adjunct Faculty

Email: mdowdell@johnwesley.edu

Gallimore, Michelle (Mrs.)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: mgallimore@johnwesley.edu

Golding, Craig (Mr.)
Men & Women’s Soccer Coach
Email: cgolding@johnwesley.edu

Jones, Fred (Mr)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: fjones@johnwesley.edu

Jones-Jones, Adelina Giselle (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: gjones@johnwesley.edu

Jones, Chelsea (Ms.)
Volleyball Coach
Email: cjones@johnwesley.edu

John Wesley University – High Point Campus
1215 Eastchester Drive
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336-887-3000
Fax: 336-889-2261

Kennon, Mary Emily (Mrs.)
Director of Business Affairs
Phone: 336-821-2476,
Email: mkennon@johnwesley.edu

Leroy, Dan (Rev.)

Adjunct Faculty

Email: dleroy@johnwesley.edu

Lindsey, April (Mrs.)
Director of Library Services
Phone: 336-821-2479,
Email: alindsey@johnwesley.edu

Lindsey, John (Dr.)
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean, School of Ministry

Phone: 336-821-2481,
Email: jlindsey@johnwesley.edu

Lindsey, Renee
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: rlindsey@johnwesley.edu

McGrath, Christopher
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: cmcgrath@johnwesley.edu

Mercadante, David (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: dmercadante@johnwesley.edu

Mitchell, Matt (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: mmitchell@johnwesley.edu

Mosher, Elizabeth
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: emosher@johnwesley.edu

Nicola, Ellen
Adjunct Faculty

Email: enicola@johnwesley.edu

Putnam, Marc (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: mputnam@johnwesley.edu

Riddell, Tim (Mr.)
Business Manager
Email: triddell@johnwesley.edu

Selleck, Ron (Dr.)
Adjunct Faculty

Email: rselleck@johnwesley.edu

Smith, Jake (Mr.)
Director of Student Services
Phone: 336-821-2486
Email: jsmith@johnwesley.edu

Tatum, Sara
Adjunct Faculty

Email: statum@johnwesley.edu

Vinay-Ricks, Mary
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: mricks@johnwesley.edu

Weger, Joel (Mr.)
Athletic Trainer

Email: jweger@johnwesley.edu

Winstead, Victoria (Rev.)
Adjunct Faculty 

Email: vwinstead@johnwesley.edu

Workman, Greg (Mr.)
Bookstore Manager
KanopySIS Administrator
Phone: 336-821-2478,
Email: gworkman@johnwesley.edu
Email: registrar@johnwesley.edu
Email: bookstore@johnwesley.edu