Founded in 1903 as Greensboro Bible and Training School in Greensboro, North Carolina, John Wesley University’s founders are Reverend Seth Rees and Reverend Charles Weigle.  Throughout the first thirty years of existence, the school enjoyed enrollments of traditional students and adults studying for ministry.  In 1932, a leading evangelist, Reverend Jim Green, became interested in the school and, through his ministry, renamed the institution People’s Bible School; still located in Greensboro.

John Wesley University’s charter cites 1932 as the beginning.  The first thirty years are important to the legacy of the university as the commitment was established and ingrained from 1903-1932 to be an independent, evangelical, inter-denominational school where the Bible is central to the curriculum and God’s will preeminent.

While the institution developed, it remained directly connected to its Christian founding and loyal to a biblical worldview.  From 1949 to 1980, the school resided in the Grove Park area of Greensboro, changing the name to John Wesley College in the spring of 1959.  In 1980, the campus moved to its current location in High Point, thanks to the generosity of businessman Ed Shufelt.

The College changed its name from John Wesley College to Laurel University in 2011.  In 1993, the University added a bachelor’s degree in business management necessitating state approval for accreditation.  In 2010, Laurel University added an MBA program thereby distinguishing itself as the first and only bible college in North Carolina to have state-licensed business management degrees.

Most recently, the Board of Trustees voted to officially change the name of the university to John Wesley University effective July 1, 2016. This is a move to return to the evangelical identity the university has claimed for over a century.

John Wesley University received initial accreditation in 1982 as John Wesley College from the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and recently re-affirmed that accreditation for another ten years.  Currently, John Wesley University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in ministry, management and a nursing track to approximately 200 students in traditional, online and hybrid delivery modes.  After a century of providing a superior bible-based education and seventy-five years after receiving a new charter, John Wesley enjoys a vibrant student body, a future holding great promise, a faculty and staff led to serve the Lord and a beautiful legacy of faith and hope.

As we look ahead, we are challenged to grow our enrollment, gain candidacy for regional accreditation and continue to exist as an exemplary Christian institution.