The Purpose of the John Wesley University Online Writing Lab is to effectively and efficiently support the student body of JWU in formulating and formatting formal, informal, and professional writing that can be used in class and in the real world. As a staff, it is our goal to teach the JWU student body to professionally prepare for their next stage in life via the online writing lab.

Why Use the Online Writing Lab?
  • Picking writing topics
  • Understanding research methods
  • Formulating thesis statements
  • Organizing papers
  • Revising work
  • Writing cover letters and resumes
  • Citing resources
  • And more!

A Writing Tutor is available online via the following form. You can communicate via email, Skype/Facetime, or face-to-face.

Online Writing Lab

  • Please list 3 available dates (including times) that you could interact with the writing tutor.
  • (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Please describe the project with which you need help. Include the class name and instructor if applicable.
  • How would you like to interact with the writing tutor?
  • If you chose Skype or Facetime, please type your username below.