JohnWesleyLogo JPEGThe mission of the Leadership Institutes at John Wesley University is to develop students for success and fulfillment in today’s world by providing strategic activities of engagement under the professional mentorship of women and men dedicated to advancing each selected student’s curriculum. Through formal instruction and planned activities each student will build confidence, excel at presentation, realize self-actualization and advance in personal growth. Each student will graduate with uncommon life skills learned through a series of seminars led by a distinguished network of leaders representing a wide array of career roles. This network advocacy is intended to stay in place throughout the LI leader’s life thus supporting and fully developing each student’s fullest potential. The Institute’s ultimate goal is to advance each student’s opportunity for success in today’s world.

Men’s Leadership Institute & Women’s Leadership Institute

Program Requirements: 

Good citizenship – Participants must be respectful to each other, LI facilitators, and presenters. As representatives of John Wesley University, students must understand that at all times they must admirably represent the University, the President, and themselves.

School and/or community service – Participation in extra-curricular activities help students become well-rounded and appreciate links between groups and among individuals. The expectation of these Institutes is that students, as servant leaders, will make it a priority to engage in school and/or community service as the opportunities present themselves.

Minimum 2.5 GPA – This requirement seeks to reward students who have persevered towards and focused on goals.

Signed commitment form – Although participation in this program is voluntary, students’ membership in this elite program should be viewed as a privilege and taken seriously. Accountability is key as professionals are donating their time to come to John Wesley to facilitate training and to personally mentor each student. The student’s signature on the Commitment Form is a critical component of the process and of the success of the Leadership Institutes at John Wesley University.

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